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Impact Vest Buyersguide

Impact Vest Buying Guide

Buywake strives to bring you the best and most current guides, sizing help and gear tips to help you choose the right products and have the absolute best experience using it.

What is an Impact Vest?

An impact vest is designed and created for protecting you when you're out on the water going at speed. Worn by wakeboarders, wakesurfers, waterskiers, jet skiers, and kiteboaders. The used foam in the impact vest ensures that the impact vest will absorb the impact when you hit the water or an obstacle and stay afloat when in it. Note that an impact vest but it is not a life vest! Impact vests provide additional floatation when in the water, yet they will not keep a person upright if unconscious. 50N buoyancy is the new standard for adults and juniors who are competent swimmers.

We strongly recommend that any ladies get a female-specific impact jacket. It is no secret that there is a big difference between the body shape of a man and a woman. You wouldn't wear a men's shoe so why would you wear a men's vest? Far too often we see ladies on the water having to settle for wearing a men's vest because that is the only option on the boat. We at Buywake have an extensive selection of ladies impact vests.

We sell impact vests from well known brands as Follow, Ronix, Hyperlite, Mystic and Brunotti.

Differences 50N Impact Vests

Less than 50N Impact Vest

Impact vests with less than 50N are often worn during wakeboarding and water skiing on a cable water ski slope. The big advantage of a impact vest with less than 50N buoyancy is the fact that the impact vest is thin therefore offers a lot of freedom of movement. However, note that impact vests with less than 50N buoyancy are not officially certified.

More than 50N Impact Vest

Impact vests with 50N buoyancy are often used during active water sports. An advantage of a 50N impact vest is they give a bit of upward power so you do not have to tread water or swim when you are in the water. The impact vests with more than 50N buoyancy are officially tested and certified.

What size Impact Vest do I need?

After you've decided on which type or model of impact vest you want, it is time to determine the correct size. After all, a proper fitting vest is key to not only your overall comfort, but also your safety while in the water. A impact vest that fits correctly will provide the most comfort, allow for freedom of movement, and properly float your head above the water.

Using a cloth tape measure or piece of string, measure around the fullest part of your torso. This number will be used to determine the correct size for you. Each impact vest's product page includes a size chart that will help you determine the best fitting size for you. Choosing the proper size is imperative for overall flotation and comfort.

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